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Line Finesse

nobly packaged in the FINESSE LINE


New warehouse management system

We have renewed our high-bay warehouse and implemented a new WMS.


Spring 2022

That was really good again: a cosy get-together with colleagues.


Visually unambiguous, brand-related, original communication receives greater attention in the market.


Turn your packaging into a marketing tool.


For more than 35 years, PAWI has been operating its own warehouse management system with a retrieval method that guarantees fast deliveries to customers all over the country.

Baked goods

PAWI packaging meet the highest standards for design and functionality. Packaging for baked goods made of cardboard and paper is a modern and useful solution that can be custom printed and is also extremely convenient for customers.

Confectionery products

Whether chocolate bars, pralines or house specialities – we provide a comprehensive standard product line along with custom solutions for your product.

Snacks & catering

Packaging for snacks and catering aid in enhancing your brand. Well-thought out designs help bring together large events with less effort.

B2B corporate customer gifts

Custom gifts for corporate customers are in vogue and open new markets. Contact us. We would be happy to show you the options.

Overall design concepts

It is very important to us to create overall design concepts that ensure a presence that is both uniform and effective for marketing.

News PAWI Verde, our green oasis

After a short construction period, our canteen was transformed into a beautiful meeting zone. The name PAWI Verde lives up to its promise: our canteen has become a green oasis where people enjoy spending time together, whether for lunch, coffee or exchanging ideas. Various seating areas invite you to linger and get to know each other. A refrigerator filled with various hot and cold dishes provides for physical well-being. Several microwave ovens and a baking oven are available to heat up dishes brought in or bought from the Snäx vending machine.


Image: PAWI Verde

A water station and a coffee machine, which you can help yourself to free of charge, round off the offer. And the highlight: the glasses and cups in various sizes hang from a tree. A truly original idea and an eye-catcher. In keeping with PAWI's sustainability strategy, a waste station has also been installed where normal waste, aluminium and PET are separated from other plastics and disposed of.


Image: PAWI Verde

Behind the bar counter, many green plants brighten up the wall. Black and white pictures hanging on the walls are contemporary witnesses of PAWI's 60-year history.  The light-coloured furniture made of solid, untreated wood and the subtle shades of green and grey-blue radiate calm and naturalness. With its comfortably upholstered seating, the lounge area with parquet flooring offers the opportunity to hold informal meetings or simply relax. The subtle warm light of the ceiling lights provides a nice complement to the bright daylight in the room.


The redesigned space is more than a canteen. It is a place where you really feel at home and a fresh change from the everyday work in the production halls and offices.