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2023 End-of-the-Year Review of the PAWI Group

Innovation, sustainability and personal connection were the cornerstones of our journey 2023.


Spring 2022

That was really good again: a cosy get-together with colleagues.


Good packaging design with a solid structure and attractive graphics is becoming more and more important.


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News Processless printing plates

PAWI produces in offset, flexo and digital printing and continuously invests in advanced production technology. For example, in Winterthur this year, a new, highly automated eight-color sheetfed offset press in 3B format with eight printing units and two coating units was installed, which is equipped for printing with UV-curable, UV-curing inks. At the end of 2015, the company opened in Singen, where offset production runs on a six-color 3B machine with a coating unit that prints conventionally drying inks (invariably low in migration).

Less brings more: Process optimization with process-free plates

PAWI promotes lean and flexible manufacturing processes in all areas. According to this strategic line, printing for offset printing from spring 2017 on the automation of CTP technology was trimmed. This was accompanied by the replacement of thermal plates with wet-chemical processing by KODAK SONORA process-free plates. "The trigger was that we wanted to achieve maximum process optimization through a dramatically reduced die production cycle and secure sustainable market benefits," said Alexander Honsel, Head of Strategic Projects. "We were convinced that we would succeed with process-free plates in demanding offset board printing with UV and low-migration conventional inks. That's why we took on a pioneering role here."

Before the optimization project was put into action under the leadership of Alexander Honsel, printing forme production was a complex process. In Winterthur, printing plates had to be manually applied to the CTP platesetter, and after imaging, manually introduced into the plate processing plant and then transferred to the baking oven. In contrast, automation of operations and their reduction to imaging of process-free panels should bring a wealth of benefits and cost savings: elimination of plate processing equipment, stoving ovens and the associated consumption of processing chemistry, energy and water; Waste reduction; Elimination of measuring, inspection and maintenance work; faster provision of plates for printing; less waste of paper and production stoppages in printing, since no replacement plates are to be produced due to variations in plate processing; and much more.



Lean operations and automation for high productivity and stability of plate production

In Winterthur, a new fully automatic CTP system replaced the printing forme technology used until then, while in March the existing two-and-a-half-year-old KODAK MAGNUS Q800 platesetter began investing in a single cassette unit (SCU) for automated loading in March 2018 was upgraded from plates. The production in Winterthur was the benchmark for the use of process-free plates, since this plant also prints in UV offset.The process-free platemaking process began with the KODAK SONORA UV plate, which allowed PAWI to produce runs up to 40,000 sheets. Switching to the more efficient plate type did not require any changes in the printing inks, dampening solution additives and printing auxiliaries used. The key breakthrough came with the new process-free KODAK SONORA X plate, with significantly improved run life, faster imaging and more robust handling properties.

KODAK SONORA X plate brings breakthrough for Process Free across the board

PAWI has been using the SONORA X plate as a beta user since autumn 2017. "Over 90% of all orders are below 50,000 sheets; Generally, the editions become smaller and more individualized. However, with the SONORA X plate, we can achieve runs of up to 70,000 sheets in UV and conventional printing with low-migration inks, whether on cardboard or paper. For example, in Winterthur, we have a brown with difficult pigmentation in the UV range, and still reach the 70,000, which is really very pleasing, "reports Remo Fehr, Head of Sheetfed Printing.

In the meantime, both PAWI locations print 100% with the SONORA X plate, and the concept of drastically streamlined printing plate production has proved successful. The automated, unattended plate production, which takes place at both locations near the printing presses, has made it possible for printers to imprint their plates themselves. "Our printers get along with it perfectly. They are now the masters of their boards and can decide for themselves when they let them out, "confirms Robert Schmid, Operations Manager from Winterthur. "We have zero problems with the process-free plate." Ralf Kautzmann, Managing Director of PAWI Packaging GmbH in Singen, adds: "The automation of the plate imaging process and the introduction of the SONORA X plate were important steps in our company's path to expanding and expanding industrial production to strengthen PAWI's position as a leading packaging producer.

"Incidentally, PAWI also pays off the space savings that came with switching to Kodak's process-free plate. "We have gained 200 square meters in Winterthur through the dismantling of the plate processing plant, the stoving facility and the areas for handling the plates between the various stations. We convert this space into office space and let it out. This pays off in addition, "says Andreas Keller, CEO of the PAWI Group.

With automated CTP printing plate production using the process-free SONORA X plate and investment in new offset printing technology, PAWI has also laid the foundation for the imminent implementation of a standardized, cost-saving multi-color printing concept in packaging.



Processless means:

  • zero consumption of chemicals
  • zero water consumption
  • zero energy consumption
  • Zero chemical disposal
  • zero processor cleaning/maintenance
  • zero time consumption for processing
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