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Design and production of our new SNOWFLAKE Christmas line

After Christmas is – before Christmas. No sooner had the 2022 Christmas holidays passed than we started working on the exciting task of designing a new packaging line for Christmas 2023. Every two or three years, we update this part of our extensive packaging range to keep up with changing design trends and client needs. This article will give you some insights into the fascinating process of designing and producing this year’s Christmas series, the SNOWFLAKE line.

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9 august 2023

Design und Produktion der Weihnachtslinie SNOWFLAKE

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The design phase – 1st quarter of 2023

The design of a new packaging line requires creativity and careful planning. Our dedicated design team worked closely with our sales representatives to create appealing and innovative designs that perfectly capture the festive spirit. When designing the SNOWFLAKE line, we chose a wintry motive inspired by beautiful snowflakes. The colour palette is made up of warm greens, reds, and golds to reflect the magic and enchantment of the Christmas season.

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The design was created with great attention to detail to perfectly capture the festive ambience.

Bild Annina Keller

Annina Keller Graphic design and conception, gleis1 AG

The construction and calculation phase – 2nd quarter of 2023

The design phase was followed by the crucial construction and calculation phase. Our experienced team of designers and packaging engineers worked together closely to translate the design into a practical packaging solution. During this phase, all technical factors were considered so that the different packaging components could be manufactured efficiently. The materials were also carefully selected.

At the same time, extensive calculations were done to make sure that our new packaging line could be produced cost-effectively. Our goal was (and always is) to provide high-quality packaging that meets the requirements of our clients but can still be produced economically. With efficient calculations, we found optimal ways of maximising the value of the SNOWFLAKE line while keeping costs in check.


The production phase – July-August 2023

As soon as the items and volumes were defined, we started production of our new Christmas line. This phase is now taking place during the summer months so that we will be ready in time for the sales launch in September 2023.


The marketing phase – September 2023

The SNOWFLAKE packaging line will be available for sale at the beginning of September 2023. Visit our web shop at that time or discover the products on Mercanto, powered by Pistor. Our dedicated sales team will be happy to assist you and take your orders.

The delivery phase – October-November 2023

Delivery to our valued clients will then begin starting in October 2023. Careful logistics planning is essential to ensure that the packaging arrives in shops on time and in perfect condition.

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Our seven lorries ensure deliveries on time for Christmas.

Bild Manuel Alfieri

Manuel Alfieri Head of Shipping

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