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Focusing on efficiency: How we cut our stretch film consumption in half

At PAWI Packaging Schweiz AG in Winterthur, we have made a quantum leap: Thanks to innovative technology and targeted optimisation, we have managed to significantly reduce our stretch film consumption – and all without compromising on quality or safety. Find out how we successfully increased our operational efficiency while further minimising our environmental impact.

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16 april 2024

Effizienz im Fokus: Wie wir unseren Stretchfolien-Verbrauch halbiert haben

At our headquarters in Winterthur (Switzerland), we recently faced challenges that many companies probably experience when using stretch films: insufficiently stretched pallets and excessive consumption. But we worked hard to overcome these challenges! One important step was collaborating with a new film supplier and thoroughly testing its products. We performed tests and measurements to make sure that the film we used (12my) meets our high standards. We also identified ways to optimise our pallet-wrapping systems to ensure that they use the film efficiently.


Revolutionary stretch film technology

The introduction of a new semi-automated stretch film system in our logistics department was a significant improvement. This system, mounted on the ground for easy handling, has proven to be extremely effective: Precise settings and different programs for different types of goods enable us to accurately control the stretch of the film (270–300%) and ensure that our products are optimally protected. Thanks to these measures, we have been able to reduce our film consumption by up to 50%. These savings help to further minimise our environmental impact and thus achieve our sustainability goals.

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When I observed the pallet stretch in logistics, I was quickly able to identify the challenges. Finding the solution was a breakthrough – and it is not only efficient, but also sustainable.

Nafi Dauti Head of Material Planning

Effizienz im Fokus: Wie wir unseren Stretchfolien-Verbrauch halbiert haben Effizienz im Fokus: Wie wir unseren Stretchfolien-Verbrauch halbiert haben

Sustainability+ in focus

We have additionally opted for another future-oriented solution and will soon have the core of the stretch film rolls produced without a cardboard sleeve. This not only reduces waste, but also demonstrates our commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

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Through ongoing innovation and improvement, we are continuing to set standards for the sustainable and effective packaging of our high-quality products in our company.

Bild Jürg Trachsler

Jürg Trachsler Head of Logistics & Materials Management

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