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Success stories

Our new warehouse management system (WMS) is setting the standard

In the second quarter of 2023, not only did we complete extensive renovation work on our high-bay warehouse, we also implemented an extremely efficient warehouse management system (WMS) from Jungheinrich. Efficiency and reliability are crucial in an ever-changing business world. The commissioning of our pioneering WMS represents a milestone that will ensure smooth operations at PAWI Verpackungen in Winterthur.

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9 october 2023

Unser neues Lagerverwaltungssystem (LVS) setzt Massstäbe.

Reliability first and foremost

The previous WMS had carried out its functions over many years without any problems, but it could no longer cope with the increased demands. Outdated technologies and lack of spare parts significantly increased the risk of breakdowns. It is essential for us to be sure that we will always have access to our stocks (raw materials and finished goods) to process and deliver our clients’ orders on time. Our new system means we can set aside all concerns for the next ten to 15 years. Consequently, we can always guarantee punctual deliveries through smooth operation and high availability – an aspect that sets us apart as a first-class business partner.

Sustainability and responsibility

In addition to reliability, PAWI Verpackungen also focuses on sustainability. Our new WMS is not only more efficient, but also more environmentally friendly thanks to significantly reduced energy consumption. Furthermore, it opens undreamed-of possibilities for process optimisation. The increased data transparency speeds up processes considerably. Comprehensive statistics based on a broad database allow us to gain deeper insights into warehouse management and delivery.


Optimised use of resources

Our WMS manages an impressive 14,000 pallet spaces and offers a utilisation overview that can be called up at any time. This supports continuous space optimisation so that our warehouse staff can spend more of their time on processing client orders. We focus on making intensive use of the software in standard mode to minimise extra programming and special cases.

Our goal is to tread the path into the digital future in this area, and in a timely manner: paperless deliveries, digital acceptance confirmations and end-to-end electronic delivery tracking. This significantly increases transparency and traceability.

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Our new WMS: safe, efficient, sustainable – for excellent service.

Bild Jürg Trachsler

Jürg Trachsler Head of Logistics

The transition to the new WMS: an impressive testimony to cooperation

The transformation to the new WMS in the period from October 2022 to March 2023 was an impressive example of teamwork and commitment. This process was characterised by countless IT tests, migration of 15,000 items, printing and affixing of 11,000 new warehouse labels, and the comprehensive clean-up of thousands of material master records. Seamless communication with our clients and smooth coordination with our production were decisive factors in the successful transition. “Our employees have demonstrated that they are not only technically skilled, but also capable of achieving great things together,” says Jürg Trachsler enthusiastically.


An out-of-the-ordinary celebration: a glimpse into our pioneering WMS for all

On 15 September 2023, our employees experienced a unique event: during a tour featuring three experience stations, they gained a first-hand insight into our new WMS. This special celebration reflected not only our commitment to innovation and transparent communication, but also the enthusiasm we have for the future of our company. Jürg Trachsler emphasises: “This celebration illustrated our passion for progress and taking new approaches.”

Besondere Feier Ein Einblick in unser wegweisendes Lagerverwaltungssystem für alle Besondere Feier Ein Einblick in unser wegweisendes Lagerverwaltungssystem für alle

Facts & figures of our logistics

  • 14,000 pallet spaces in total
  • Of which approx. 9,000 pallet spaces are occupied with clients’ articles (“call-offs”)
  • Maintenance by eleven warehouse staff and three apprentices
  • Put-aways by three forwarding agents
  • Delivery in Switzerland by six trucks and a Sprinter van
  • approx. 385,000 km per year
  • approx. 30,000 deliveries per year by six drivers


About Jungheinrich

Jungheinrich is a German company specialising in the manufacture and sale of intralogistics solutions. Founded in 1953, Jungheinrich has developed into a leading supplier of forklift trucks, warehouse technology and material handling systems. Jungheinrich operates internationally and has built a reputation for quality, innovation, and efficiency in the intralogistics industry. The company strives to use the latest technologies and concepts to help optimise warehouse and logistics processes.

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