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PAWI Group AG presents innovative website – all packaging solutions at a glance

PAWI Group AG, a leading provider of packaging solutions in the food and non-food sector, has launched a new website. The platform offers clients and interested parties a comprehensive view of the range of services and expertise offered by PAWI in the areas of packaging design, packaging solutions and logistics.

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3 june 2024

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The new website combines the expertise of PAWI’s three locations – Winterthur (Switzerland), Singen (Germany) and Warsaw (Poland) – and presents a wide range of packaging solutions for different industries, from bakeries, pastry shops and chocolatiers to cosmetics producers and retailers. Through an intuitive user interface, visitors can easily navigate through a variety of references showing successful implementations of different packaging projects. Particularly noteworthy are the detailed descriptions and vivid 3D animations and infographics, which illustrate the advantages of the packaging solutions. The website also highlights the industries for which PAWI offers tailor-made packaging solutions so that potential clients can quickly see how PAWI meets their specific needs.

Another focus is sustainability and how PAWI actively develops environmentally friendly packaging solutions and promotes sustainable production practices. The new site also provides insights into PAWI’s work culture to give potential employees a comprehensive picture of the work environment.

The launch of the new website marks a significant milestone for PAWI and a fundamental reboot: everything from design and navigation to content has been redesigned from the ground up. By taking this fresh approach and integrating the expertise of all three locations, the new website will further strengthen PAWI’s positioning in the different target markets.

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The redesign of our website has been an inspiring process that demonstrates our shared determination to deliver a world-class experience for our clients and to further strengthen our position as an industry leader.

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Urban Ettlin Co-CEO Sales & Marketing, PAWI Packaging Schweiz AG

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