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Produktbild Chocolate boxes

Chocolate boxes

Choisissez nos boîtes de pralinés pour une solution d’emballage élégante et durable qui souligne la qualité de vos pralinés et offre à vos clients une expérience gustative incomparable.

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Sustainable cardboard box

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Swiss quality

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A variety of sizes

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Flexible inserts

Pralinenschutz & Frische

Chocolate protection & freshness

Our chocolate boxes have been designed to protect your premium-quality chocolates made with love and to lock in their freshness and exquisite taste.

Elegante Präsentation

Elegant presentation

Our premium-quality materials will elevate your chocolates and sweeten every moment. You deserve the best.

Elegante Präsentation

User-friendly & lightweight

Our plastic-free chocolate boxes are easy to use. This ensures that you your chocolates can be enjoyed with zero effort, from the attractive packaging all the way to the last bite.

Success stories

Bild Stefan Baumann
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From the creation to the production of our individual packaging – flawless! The ever personal consultation, which even goes beyond packaging issues, deserves special praise.

Stefan Baumann

Managing Director, Bäckerei Konditorei Vincenz AG

Bild Monika Steiner
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PAWI always helps us to find tailor-made solutions that meet our requirements.

Monika Steiner

Managing Director, Steiner-Beck AG

Satisfied clients

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Produktbild Chocolate boxes

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