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Working at PAWI

Tap into your potential in a dynamic team that embodies innovation and celebrates shared success.

Arbeiten bei PAWI
Förderung von Kreativität und Innovation

Promoting creativity and innovation

Our company culture promotes creativity and innovation as a driver of growth. Ingenuity is treasured and supported, which allows new standards to be set.


awards that testify to our commitment to excellence

Starker Teamzusammenhalt

Strong team cohesion

Here at PAWI, team cohesion is our foundation. We provide each other with mutual support, build trust and grow together through an atmosphere of dedication and solidarity.


nations, 1 team – togetherness that transcends language barriers

Maschinenführerin Digitaldruck

Development opportunities & career support

PAWI offers individual development opportunities and active career support. We foster talent and support employees on their path to success.

Kultur der Offenheit und Transparenz

Culture of openness and transparency

An open exchange and honest communication build trust at PAWI, foster teamwork and support us in reaching our shared goals.

Occupational worlds

Bild Sales consultants

Sales consultants

Experts in cardboard and paper packaging offer customised solutions to meet any customer needs.

Bild Internal sales consultants / clerks

Internal sales consultants / clerks

Ensure smooth ordering processes and support sales consultants in fulfilling customer orders.

Bild Packaging developers

Packaging developers

Creative experts who design innovative packaging solutions, optimise materials and ensure quality.

Bild Machine operators

Machine operators

Specialists in the operation of our state-of-the-art systems are always focussed on quality and efficiency.

Bild Production employees

Production employees

Ensure precise and efficient production processes for high-quality packaging solutions.

Bild Logistics technicians

Logistics technicians

Ensure seamless movement of goods, control warehouse processes and prepare on-time deliveries.

Bild Lorry drivers

Lorry drivers

Guarantee on-time deliveries and ensure seamless transport of our products.

Bild Operating technicians

Operating technicians

Experts in the maintenance and optimal functioning of our production systems and technical installations.

Bild Information scientists

Information scientists

Shape, service and innovate: Our information scientists ensure seamless systems and digital development.

Benefits at a glance

Profit sharing

For all employees


Collaborative decision-making and having a say


Attractive insurance services for all employees

Home office

Option to work from home

Parking spaces

Convenient parking options right in front of the building


Bright, modern, friendly zone for relaxing

What our employees say

Bild Aleksandra Savic
Icon Zitat

Teamwork is what makes PAWI so special. This allows us to create the incomparable for our clients.

Aleksandra Savic

Man. Proc. Mngr.

Bild Bledar Gegaj
Icon Zitat

At PAWI, we offer each other mutual support to drive the success of this family-owned company.

Bledar Gegaj

Job Coordinator

Bild Dominik Gwerder
Icon Zitat

At PAWI, I appreciate the inclusion of all employees, the positive attitudes and the opportunity to have a say in decisions.

Dominik Gwerder

Solutions Architect

Bild Patricia Lopes Ferreira Camara
Icon Zitat

For me, working at PAWI is about family, quality and passion.

Patricia Lopes Ferreira Camara

Production Employee

What awaits you with us

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