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Cardboard praline packaging

Discover how you can unite style and environmental awareness.


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We are upgrading to further automate and modernize our production.


Spring 2022

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Visually unambiguous, brand-related, original communication receives greater attention in the market.


Turn your packaging into a marketing tool.


For more than 35 years, PAWI has been operating its own warehouse management system with a retrieval method that guarantees fast deliveries to customers all over the country.

Baked goods

PAWI packaging meet the highest standards for design and functionality. Packaging for baked goods made of cardboard and paper is a modern and useful solution that can be custom printed and is also extremely convenient for customers.

Confectionery products

Whether chocolate bars, pralines or house specialities – we provide a comprehensive standard product line along with custom solutions for your product.

Snacks & catering

Packaging for snacks and catering aid in enhancing your brand. Well-thought out designs help bring together large events with less effort.

B2B corporate customer gifts

Custom gifts for corporate customers are in vogue and open new markets. Contact us. We would be happy to show you the options.

Overall design concepts

It is very important to us to create overall design concepts that ensure a presence that is both uniform and effective for marketing.


Cardboard trays

The environmentally-friendly alternative

Clever, innovative, and ready in no time: Cardboard trays are very popular and their use in retail is growing.

Fruit or vegetable packaging made of cardboard is an excellent means for transporting your product. Cardboard trays present your goods in the best possible way and significantly increase your brand awareness since the printing on the tray can be customised.

This makes cardboard trays a real alternative to plastic ones. Contribute to environmental protection with these products!

Pawi Logo

PAWI, known as an experienced manufacturer of cardboard trays with aligned trays and innovative folding box designs, will help you create the best cardboard tray or fruit and vegetable packaging for your brand, guaranteeing an increase in name recognition and helping you stand out from the crowd of conventional packaging with custom printing.

Fruit and vegetable packaging from PAWI

PAWI – your cardboard tray manufacturer

Cardboard trays for packaging fruit or vegetables are a real alternative to any kind of plastic trays. They can be produced in different sizes and formats and offer many advantages over conventional plastic trays. As a passionate manufacturer of packaging, we develop and produce cardboard fruit and berry trays or other fruit and vegetable boxes to fit your exact needs.

We also meet the high demands of the food industry when it comes to hygiene, product protection, and storage, which also apply to fruit packaging.

We help you choose the required cardboard qualities and necessary coatings and provide you with tailor-made solutions that are 100% recyclable.

Customised concepts for your tray packaging

Whether you want classic berry trays, simple vegetable packages or unusual fruit packages, we develop the right packaging with great advertising impact for all types of fruit and vegetables.

Fruit and vegetables are very sensitive foods that must be protected from mechanical influences, dehydration and flavour loss.

Choosing the right tray packaging is especially important to ensure that your goods are well protected and undamaged when made available to the retailer or end consumer.

With optional double adhesive edges, the cardboard trays feature extra stability and make the automated stacking of the trays possible when filled by machine.

Innovative solutions, such as a round automatic base or a clever fold-out mechanism, allow for flat and space-saving storage of your packaging, which is then ready for filling after just a few simple steps.

Do you need a concept for your fruit or vegetable packaging that is customised to your needs?

We will be happy to help you with our expertise in the development of your tray packaging up until it is ready for machine production.

Efficient logistics that really help

Delivered flat, cardboard trays require minimal storage and transport space and can be set up in a few simple steps if required.

They are popular in retail because they can be printed, and especially because of the sustainability of cardboard.

In addition to the optimal packaging for your goods, we offer quick production and delivery.

You don’t have space or the right storage facilities? We will store the goods for you and deliver them to the desired address as you need them.

Available for order in our web shop:

  • 250 g, 500 g und 1,000 g trays
  • 2 different designs

Important requirements for fruit and vegetable packaging

Optimal protection in any position

To make sure everything remains unharmed, we have developed reliable packaging concepts for freshly harvested food, overcoming every challenge. Our cardboard trays can handle the natural moisture or condensation of the food. The fruit and vegetable boxes are also easy to stack, meaning your goods are always well protected.

Sustainability is our top priority

Consumer demand for sustainable packaging solutions is getting bigger every day. Plastic waste must be significantly reduced. This is why food retailers are also using more cardboard packaging that can be recycled, saving resources.

We develop innovative and environmentally-friendly packaging for you. We are happy to make you climate-neutral packaging because the environment affects us all!

The right material for any product

Fruits and vegetables place special demands on packaging due to their nature. With the right selection of the cardboard tray material, especially when it comes to moisture barriers, we will work with you to find the right solution for your product.

No storage space? No problem!

You have uncertain harvest dates and fluctuating yields, or consumer demand is unpredictable? We offer a high level of flexibility in logistics and deliver the products when you need them.

Your benefits of our cardboard trays at a glance

  • 100% cardboard
  • 100% recyclable
  • Hygienic
  • Attractive design
  • Optimised brand and product presentation
  • Increased stability due to double adhesive border of the cardboard tray
  • Can be filled by machine
  • Dimensions and printing of the cardboard trays can be customised
  • Increased name recognition and brand perception thanks to individualised tray packaging
  • Storage for your products
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