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Innovative packaging solutions for bakeries, confectionery shops and chocolate shops.

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Cardboard praline packaging

Discover how you can unite style and environmental awareness.


Winterthur with new paper bag machine

We are upgrading to further automate and modernize our production.


Spring 2022

That was really good again: a cosy get-together with colleagues.


Visually unambiguous, brand-related, original communication receives greater attention in the market.


Turn your packaging into a marketing tool.


For more than 35 years, PAWI has been operating its own warehouse management system with a retrieval method that guarantees fast deliveries to customers all over the country.

Baked goods

PAWI packaging meet the highest standards for design and functionality. Packaging for baked goods made of cardboard and paper is a modern and useful solution that can be custom printed and is also extremely convenient for customers.

Confectionery products

Whether chocolate bars, pralines or house specialities – we provide a comprehensive standard product line along with custom solutions for your product.

Snacks & catering

Packaging for snacks and catering aid in enhancing your brand. Well-thought out designs help bring together large events with less effort.

B2B corporate customer gifts

Custom gifts for corporate customers are in vogue and open new markets. Contact us. We would be happy to show you the options.

Overall design concepts

It is very important to us to create overall design concepts that ensure a presence that is both uniform and effective for marketing.

News Publication of our 2022 environmental report

Acting sustainably and responsibly


Our 2022 environmental report delivers insights into the measures we have taken to reduce our environmental footprint and encourage the use of renewable energy. The report covers the following key areas:


  • Sustainable procurement and supply chain: insights into our measures for reducing emissions and encouraging responsible procurement.
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy: the progress we have made in reducing energy consumption and using more renewable energy sources.
  • Waste management and recycling: our strategies and success stories in waste reduction and recycling promotion.


We believe that these insights illustrate our dedication to sustainability and environmental protection. Please take some time to have a look through our 2022 environmental report here:




Our environmental policy

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Recover.

We care about the environment and its resources, use renewable sources of energy and work with our partners to create sustainable, eco-friendly solutions.

We make sure to use resources (such as raw and auxiliary materials) judiciously and are committed to keeping all our emissions low. Our waste is disposed of professionally and recycled where possible.