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Cardboard praline packaging

Discover how you can unite style and environmental awareness.


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PAWI Packaging Schweiz AG invested in the switch to district heating from Stadtwerke Winterthur.


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For more than 35 years, PAWI has been operating its own warehouse management system with a retrieval method that guarantees fast deliveries to customers all over the country.

Baked goods

PAWI packaging meet the highest standards for design and functionality. Packaging for baked goods made of cardboard and paper is a modern and useful solution that can be custom printed and is also extremely convenient for customers.

Confectionery products

Whether chocolate bars, pralines or house specialities – we provide a comprehensive standard product line along with custom solutions for your product.

Snacks & catering

Packaging for snacks and catering aid in enhancing your brand. Well-thought out designs help bring together large events with less effort.

B2B corporate customer gifts

Custom gifts for corporate customers are in vogue and open new markets. Contact us. We would be happy to show you the options.

Overall design concepts

It is very important to us to create overall design concepts that ensure a presence that is both uniform and effective for marketing.

trend Chocolate packaging made from cardboard – enjoyment with style and environmental awareness

In the world of chocolate, these are much more than just sweets – they are tiny works of art filled with love and passion. And the cardboard packaging that hold the chocolates are just as magical as their contents: It is the bridge between your brand and the customer. It not only protects the contents, but also tells the story of the product. Step into the world of chocolate packaging made from cardboard and discover how you can unite style and environmental awareness.

The primary purpose of chocolate packaging made from cardboard is to protect your treats from the outside world. Cardboard is a versatile material that protects the chocolates from light and impact. This protection goes hand in hand with sustainability, as cardboard is an environmentally-friendly alternative to materials like plastic.



"At PAWI Packaging Schweiz AG, we are constantly looking for packaging solutions that make environmental sense and can replace plastic or aluminium materials."

Andres Müller, Head of Sales Field Service


But chocolate packaging made from cardboard is much more than a mere protective sleeve: It is the canvas your brand uses to tell its story. Masterful printing, creative designs, exquisite refinements, and customised concepts let you present your identity and values in all their glory. The packaging becomes a kind of brand ambassador and raises your customers’ expectations, which significantly increases their incentive to buy. And the interior of this cardboard packaging (made primarily of cardboard and paper) offers an additional chance to present the chocolates in an attractive manner and give them the perfect stage.


"For me, our truffle packaging made from cardboard is like the creation itself: An expression of the highest quality. It not only protects our truffle cubes, but also lends them a touch of luxury and elegance that our customers appreciate."

Tim Morgenthaler, Flury bakery in Koppigen, BE


Sustainable versatility

Cardboard packaging is extremely versatile: It can be designed in the widest range of shapes and sizes – from elegant, simple designs to detailed, elaborate packaging. But cardboard packaging is not only visually appealing; it is also environmentally friendly: It is easy to reuse and recycle, which significantly reduces its ecological footprint and minimises its impact on the environment.

Today’s consumers have a growing appreciation for environmentally conscious brands that focus on recyclable and environmentally-friendly materials. Chocolate packaging made from cardboard is not only a link to your brand, but also an expression of your responsibility towards the environment. In a world where sustainability and environmental awareness count, chocolate packaging made from cardboard is the perfect choice for companies that want to unite enjoyment with style and responsibility.


Magical commitment

In the world of sweets and delicate flavours, there are moments that are simply unforgettable. One of these is the “Praliné à l’Eau-de-Vie” competition, where chocolate makers perfect their craft and create true flavour masterpieces. At PAWI Packaging Schweiz AG, we believe in chocolates, which is why we are proud supporters of this event.

Schwarze Pralinenverpackungen aus Karton in verschiedenen Design übereinander gestapelt

High-quality cardboard packaging for truffle cubes from Bäckerei Flury, Koppigen (BE). Conceived and designed by gleis1 AG, produced by PAWI Packaging Schweiz AG, Winterthur (ZH)