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PAWI in Wintherthur is switching to district heating

PAWI Packaging Schweiz AG invested in the switch to district heating from Stadtwerke Winterthur.


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For more than 35 years, PAWI has been operating its own warehouse management system with a retrieval method that guarantees fast deliveries to customers all over the country.

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News Change of name of the packaging companies of the PAWI Group AG and new management structures at the headquarters in Winterthur

Winterthur, 28 November 2023

The PAWI Group AG, a leading supplier of high-quality cardboard and paper packaging solutions, is changing the name of its three packaging companies. This change is the result of the acquisition of a folding box plant in Warsaw (Poland). At the same time, on 1 January 2024, the company will be introducing a new management structure at its headquarters in Winterthur, as its long-standing Managing Director Andreas Keller (62) will focus on the strategic development of PAWI Group AG in future.


Change of name of the PAWI Group AG

The PAWI Group AG consists of three companies that specialise in the production of high-quality cardboard and paper packaging. Effective immediately, the new company names are as follows:

  • PAWI Packaging Schweiz AG, Winterthur
  • PAWI Packaging Deutschland GmbH, Singen
  • PAWI Packaging Poland Sp. z o.o., Warsaw


In addition, two other companies from the fields of design, communication and real estate belong to the PAWI Group AG:

  • gleis1 AG, Winterthur
  • PAWI Immobilien AG, Winterthur


New management structure from 1 January 2024

Operational management of PAWI Packaging Schweiz AG in Winterthur will be taken over by an experienced co-CEO team in the future. This team is made up of Edoardo Finotti, co-CEO Operations, Urban Ettlin, co-CEO Sales & Marketing, and Silvan Flury, co-CEO Management Services. Management will be completed by Tina Gabathuler (HR) and Jürg Trachsler (Logistics & Materials Management).


Portrait Edoardo Finotti

Edoardo Finotti, co-CEO Operations


Portrait Urban Ettlin

Urban Ettlin, co-CEO Sales & Marketing


Portrait Silvan Flury

Silvan Flury, co-CEO Management Services


Andreas Keller (62), long-standing Managing Director and Delegate of the Board of Directors, will focus on strategic management and development of the PAWI Group AG as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Group CEO, in particular on integrating the Polish subsidiary into the group of companies.The composition of the Board of Directors will remain unchanged, and Andreas Keller will continue to be the majority shareholder of the PAWI Group AG, which will ensure continuity at the highest level. This means the 63-year-old Swiss SME in the packaging industry will be in a strong position and well equipped for the challenges of the future.



About the company:

The PAWI Group AG is an innovative, family-run company with headquarters in Winterthur (Switzerland) and additional locations in Singen (Germany) and Warsaw (Poland). It employs around 370 people and specialises in the production of high-quality and highly refined packaging solutions. The company attaches great importance to the highest hygiene standards as well as ecological aspects, which means that the development of sustainable solutions is always at the centre of attention. The dedication to continuous innovation and outstanding quality is reflected in every product that comes out of the three plants of the PAWI Group. The company ensures short delivery times and provides its clients maximum flexibility to meet their individual requirements. Thanks to streamlined processes, high productivity and the best possible automation, the packaging solutions of the PAWI Group always meet the highest standards and fully satisfy the client needs.


Media requests:

Andreas Keller, Managing Director
T +41 52 234 42 42